Philips LFH9172 Meeting Microphone

Philips LFH9172 Meeting Microphone - Boundary layer microphone for conference recording for use with: Conference recording system 955, all analog and digital pocket memos and desktops.
Sales price: $198.00

The Philips LFH9172 is a professional business microphone used both for hands free dictating and conference meeting recording applications. It uses a hyper sensitive broadcast quality microphone element that picks up 360 degrees around. made specifically for Phillips Digital Voice dictation recorders the boundary microphone allows you to connect multiple microphones into one Digital recorder. If you are looking for a professional boundary microphone the Philips LFH9172 is a good choice. You can connect up to six of them into one Digital dictation recorder. 

If you are in a larger room, you can daisy chain up to 6 LFH9172 microphones to one another. Cable storage is built into the bottom of the mic, so no worrying about messy cabling. 

You don't need a mic stand and the microphone itself is vibration resistant so people tapping or hitting the table won't be picked up on the recording.