Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Wireless Bundle

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Wireless Bundle - With the New Dragon 12 Speech Engine, comes with the Plantronics Savi Go Bluetooth Headset. Part Number: A709A-XN9-2.0
Sales price: $1,600.99

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Wireless Bundle - With the New Dragon 12 Speech Engine! Part Number: A709A-XN9-2.0 is designed for a hands free solution for medical dictation.

On Special Sale: get the Plantronics Savi-Go wireless Bluetooth headset for only $1.00 when you purchase this bundle!!!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Wireless Bundle includes:

Great to dictate to into your Electronic Health Record / Electronic Medical Record (EHR / EMR) System and use the mouse at the same time.

Use a Wireless Headset Microphone to:

  • Keep hands free to use the keyboard and computer mouse along with Dragon Medical  - Multi-Modal input
  • Handle patient documents and dictate at the same time
  • Avoid wires getting in the way
  • Optimize Mobility in a fast paced work environment
  • The Plantonics SaviGo comes with a space-conscious upright charging station

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This bundle comes with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software and the Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth headset. The Plantronics Savi-Go wireless Bluetooth headset in this bundle is specifically designed for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  We love the Plantronics Savi-Go Headset because it has a very high accuracy rating AND it's easy to use! As ALWAYS: Free Lifetime Support from us at 1 Focus Medical Software.  Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is equally suited for individual practitioners and large hospitals, but is specifically designed for small to medium sized medical practices with  24 physicians or less.  Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 ensures clinicians document care by letting physicians capture the patient’s story in their own words.  This voice transcription software allows them to create more detailed notes, resulting in higher levels of reimbursement and quality of patient care.

With the accelerating demand for efficient dictation solutions, the use of the wireless Bluetooth headset enhances productivity and is great for hands free dictation into your EMR/EHR. With this bundle, a physician can easily document and communicate patient information with their voice and watch it translate into text in real time.